Welcome to Level 1 - Paisa To Banega Commodity School

Dear Learner, 

We would like to welcome you to Level 1. 

This video course will build a very strong foundation of Commodity trading for yourself. We have worked with very serious intentions to help out the traders who want to generate income or capital through Commodity trading. This course's objective is to help you become aware of Commodity world in simple and easy language.

You can complete this course per your convenience. Where you have doubts or questions please reach out to us via email or whatsapp.

Additionally, please keep yourself updated through official Paisa To Banega YouTube Channel for timely updates:


Here is the list of the videos link for Level 1 Video Course:

Paisatobanega Commodity School - Level 1 - Introduction and Scope of Commodity Trading - Video 1

Paisa To Banega Commodity School - Level 1 - Basics of Commodity Trading - Video 2

Paisa To Banega Commodity School - Level 1 - What works in Commodity Trading - Video 3

Paisa To Banega Commodity School - Level 1 - Risk Management in Commodity Trading - Video 4

We will be ready to welcome you in Level 2 once you complete Level 1. Level 2 will give you an access for serious, profitable and real life tested strategies for Commodity Trading. It would also help you to follow right risk management, money management, and loss management methods. 

Kindly use below "Pay Now" button to process the fees. Email us at Paisatobanega@gmail.com or whatsapp at 9662002545 with the confirmation of the payment.

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Finally, we will activate Level 3 as you enter into Level 2 so that you can get guidance through email and whatsapp for all your queries and doubts as we know that traders need guidance during their journey when you implement strategies and trades.

We wish you the best for the profitable journey.

Please note Paisa To Banega does not offer personal finance advice, investment advice, stock tips or recommendations. We offer education through coaching programs and courses. Kindly read our disclaimer and refund policy.


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